Michael Schult Ulriksen

Roads less travelled

Funny, sad, inspiring, exciting, intelligent but always entertaining. Stand up comedy meets storytelling as Alan Drop takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride through a strange life. This show has sold out in the USA. Younger audiences claim it has affected the way they make decisions. For all students of all lines of study.

Imagine you arrive on the streets of London with no job, no accommodation, enough money to last 2 weeks and no return ticket to Africa. Decisions have to be made and risks must be taken. Alan has started his own tennis school, been stuck in a trench in a war zone without food and water, been the target of a gang who hired a ”hitman” and discovered strange ways of getting jobs. This journey takes us from the inside of a jail to a happy, laughter filled classroom in Uruguay and into a grim comedy club in Minnesota. Full of surprises and compassion, this is storytelling at its best.

Alan Drop is a professional comedian who has lived in 8 different countries and visited over 40. He has taught for 15 years and now lives in Stjørdal. He has a masters degree in literature and is a DKS regular who has toured with 6 different productions.

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  • Arrangert av: Trøndelag
  • Kunstnere/grupper: Alan Drop
  • Idé/opplegg: Alan Drop

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