South Africa - stranger than fiction (Alan Drop)

English textbooks in Norway, such as Tracks, include a chapter on South Africa. This show uses true stories to bring the history and politics alive. It focuses on the humans who lived through apartheid and beyond. It includes the story of – the woman who helped a prisoner escape during the Mandela trial – how oppressive laws gave birth to township jazz – why Robben Island was called the University of the South – how the British created the system that led to apartheid – how a single man’s decision not to cheat ironically led to 46 years of injustice.

Alan Drop was born in Durban, which the BBC claims is the most multicultural city in the world. He was involved in the anti-apartheid movement and worked in South Africa as a journalist and teacher. He believes that, “To get to the heart of a culture you have to go beyond facts and statistics, into the incredible stories of the people who live through it.” He takes a break from his main job as a stand up comedian to share these fascinating, emotional, bizarre and sometimes uplifting stories.

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  • Arrangert av: Trøndelag
  • Kunstnere/grupper: Alan Drop

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